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In 3 steps to a secure LOTO system!

Introduction of a LOTO System according to MSL 1.1

Step 1:
Naming and  labelling of machines, equipment and areas

• Attach  identification label to the machine
• Attach notes (notes on the applicable shut-down procedure, for the main responsible employee, on the energy points (number, type and location) and on possible non-unlockable energies)
• Mark energy points
• Clearly identify non-releasable energies
• Create shutdown procedure (lockout) A clear identifi cation of the machines, systems and work areas enables a clear identification and creates clarity for all employees.

Step 2:
Provide interlocks

• Provide shut-off devices for the identifi ed energy points
• Provide interlocking locks in the appropriate  colours
• Provide hangtags (see page 6)

According to your machinery and equipment, you should have suffi cient shut-off devices in stock and locks with a locking system that suits your operation. For this we recommend padlocks in different  colours according to MSL 1.1. For many areas there are universally applicable locks. This saves you money and makes every lock effi cient. Our staff would gladly take the time to display the various locks on site with samples.
Step 3:
Instructing staff

After the MSL 1.1 standard, you create an easy to understand and effective lockout tagout system. The training of the employees takes a maximum of 30 minutes. Afterwards each employee understands the function of the LOTO system and can use it reasonably.
What is the MSL 1.1 Standard?

The MSL 1.1 standard was developed by MAX Systems to simplify the introduction of a secure lockout tagout system. According to our standard, the start in a LOTO system can already be made with three locks. The use of different closing locks avoids accidents resolving from the incorrect removal of locks, since it is not possible to switch on the system until every employee has removed  their lock.

The clear  labelling of systems and energy points according to MSL 1.1 is the cornerstone of a successful and secure LOTO concept. It ensures understanding and avoids errors during use.

A successful implementation of the concept requires training of all concerned employees. Due to the simple system, this can be done in a maximum of 30 minutes.

red: machine lock | green: signal lock | blue, yellow, orange: staff lock | turquoise, violet, white: for employees | black: manager lock
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More Informations about LOTO & MSL 1.1 Standard - just take a look at our extensive brochure!

Are you interested in LOTO and would like to familiarize yourself with the LOTO System? Or do you already have a security system and want to improve it?

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