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Printing & cutting desktop printer | MultiMax 5PCi
MultiMax 5PCi with printed sample
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Our allrounder -  the MultiMax 5PCi

Introducing the MultiMax 5 PCi. This desktop machine combines printing  with cutting, both to an extremely high quality. The MultiMax 5 PCi can  be used for industrial marking, safety signage and pipe marking for  example. Thanks to the MultiMax 5 PCi integrated printing and cutting functions,  you print and cut your design in one smooth workflow. All kinds of  labels and stickers are easy to make. You can also use the MultiMax 5 PCi as a cutting plotter. The machine  can be used for cutting out vehicle lettering, window stickers, signs  and many more items.
Printing and cutting in one step
For inside and outside used labels
We're your partner for labeling solutions, signs and marking
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