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LabelMax One Logo Weiß
LabelMax One Logo Weiß

Easy labeling- without a computer.

Highlights overview

  • Stand-Alone-System
    No PC and no graphics programme necessary.
  • Numerous templates
    Simply select a suitable template via the control panel on the LabelMax One and label it with individual texts.
  • Complete set incl. keyboard
    You only need a power socket.

Product description "Labeling system LabelMax ONE"

Labeling as easy as it gets - even without a computer!
Our LabelMax One combines the usual solid ease of use from LabelMax SP3 with more flexibility and faster access to your signs and labels. As a stand-alone solution, all required data and templates are saved in the system and can be passed through with the included USB keyboard and the control panel on the LabelMax.

The LabelMax One is specially prepared for your area of application – according to your requirements and wishes. All you need then is a socket, no PC, no software! So easy can be labeling.

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