LabelMax XL+ Logo weiß
LabelMax XL+ Logo weiß

The system for large labels.

Highlights overview

  • Perfect for large labels
    The LabelMax XL+ produces signs up to 5 m long!
  • Wide choice of consumables
    From endless films to labels and safety markings.
  • Particularly stable print quality
    The signs are resistant to many solvents, alkalis, acids, seawater   and external environmental influences.
  • Simple sign software
    Simple sign design without previous knowledge with the  SignMax v10.

Product description "Labeling system LabelMax XL+"

The large broadband labeling system
The LabelMax XL+ is the perfect system for large labels – it produces signs up to five meters long! Thanks to the supplied knife, it also processes endless films in different widths.We also offer various labels for the LabelMax XL+. Which makes it so incredibly versatile.
The signs are of excellent quality and are extremely resistant to various solvents, UV radiation and mechanical stress.
Designing signs is also very easy with our SignMax sign software, because thanks to a self-explanatory user interface and numerous templates, your standard-compliant sign can be designed in no time at all – without any previous knowledge.

With this broadband labeling system, you can create large and clear labels in the easiest way.

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